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  • How about the container house?
    • 2021-05-19

    With the rapid development of industrialization today,flat pack container houses play a crucial role in various industries. Especially,it can be used as construction site offices,dormitory,labor camps,living house and toilet etc. It is convenient to transport, install, and move, and the cost is low, the life span is more than ten years, and the return on investment is high. The container hous...

  • How about the expandable house
    • 2021-05-26

    Expandable house overview Main material : high-strength galvanized steel + color steel composite board Structure :The folding house use light steel materials such as galvanized square pipes and galvanized angle irons to make the frame, and color steel composite panels to make the wall panels. Part of the frames are connected by hinges to achieve the purpose of free opening and closi...

  • Expandable house, a house that can save the land?
    • 2021-07-23
    Expandable house, a house that can save the land?

    With the development of the modern economy, industry, architecture, and urban construction, have you discovered that our land resources are getting less and less compared to decades? However, the land is very important to us. Land can produce food, and with enough food, people can live a normal life and carry out a series of economic construction. As the saying goes: food is the first necessity of...

  • 3x6 container hospitals, isolation centers, clinics, refuges
    • 2021-08-18

    3x6 container houses a new type of building based on unit container house modules and freely assembled and spliced through actual needs. the overall structure is beautiful and generous, and can be decorated; it can meet the different needs of customers for appearance, area, and house type. Material: high-strength galvanized steel + color steel composite board Structure: Use galvanized square pipe,...

  • Prefab construction site workers dormitory
    • 2021-08-25

    The container house is made of a steel frame and insulated sandwich panel, which is usually used as a residential, clinic, refuge, medical station, guest house, apartment, etc. Especially,prefab container houses are more and more acted as a temporary building in the construction industry, such as worker accommodation and staff office. Each container house size is 3m*6m*2.8m, the area is about 18 s...

  • Seven production management systems
    • 2021-09-18

    In order to ensure the quality of our products and allow customers to receive high-quality products, our company has specially formulated seven production management systems, from raw material procurement to product delivery, strictly in accordance with the company's regulations. 1.Supplier system a. Perfect procurement process and strict selection of suppliers, ensure the accuracy of raw material...

  • The safety of steel structure buildings
    • 2022-01-05

    As is known to all, the essential issue of steel structure buildings issafety. When we design and construction the steel structures, stability is very substantial. So how to ensure the safety of steel structure warehouse? On the one hand, choosing a professional steel structure manufacturer is very important for customers. Baofeng company has professional designers who have designed many sets...

  • Best Practice for container house
    • 2022-05-06

    Container houses are more and more popular because of their advantages of convenient transportation, installation and movement, low cost, long service life and high return on investment. In particular, it can be used as a construction site office, dormitory, labor camp, living room, toilet, etc. The container house can be spliced up, down, left and right into any shape you want. Therefore, if you ...

  • Container house RV?
    • 2022-10-09

    Do you know the "RV" that has become very popular in recent years? Recreational vehicle, also known as "home on wheels", has two functions of "house" and "car", but its attribute is still a car. It is a mobile vehicle with basic facilities necessary for home use. So here comes the question: Can a container house be used as an RV? If so, how can it be achieved? First, let's learn about the containe...

  • Container house--nucleic acid detection point
    • 2022-10-10

    Each module of the container house can exist independently, can be hoisted as a whole, and is easy to disassemble and transport. It can also be freely combined and spliced into various styles and layouts according to actual needs; steel frame structure, the structure is safe and stable; the overall structure is beautiful and easy to decorate; customers can decorate according to their actual needs....

  • Container house refuge room
    • 2022-10-11

    The Russian-Ukrainian conflict that began in early 2022 has continued, and if there is a war, people will be injured and infrastructure will be damaged. Relief for personnel: including personnel residence, resettlement of victims, temporary hospital, temporary residence, etc. It not only needs a short construction period, convenient installation, transportation, and disassembly, and it is best to ...

  • Comparison between container house and expandable house
    • 2022-12-22

    Same point: Both the container house and the expandable house are made of light steel materials such as galvanized square tubes as frames, and color steel composite panels are made of steel frame structures for wall panels. Excellent windproof and shockproof performance, simple and convenient installation and completion, convenient disassembly and transportation; Difference: The box-type house is ...

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