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Comparison between container house and expandable house

Comparison between container house and expandable house

  • 2022-12-22

Same point:

Both the container house and the expandable house are made of light steel materials such as galvanized square tubes as frames, and color steel composite panels are made of steel frame structures for wall panels.

Excellent windproof and shockproof performance, simple and convenient installation and completion, convenient disassembly and transportation;


The box-type house is based on the unit container house module, which can be freely combined and spliced according to actual needs, and can be arranged arbitrarily, up and down, left, and right, and can meet different needs for appearance, area, and apartment type; therefore, it has a wide range of uses: office, residence, hotel, shop, dormitory, classrooms, etc.;

Partial frames of the extension house are connected by hinges, so the house can be opened and closed, and when opened, the living space is spacious. Therefore, the main purpose is for living, and offices with small area requirements are also acceptable. There are mainly two types of extension rooms, with an area of about 40 or 80 square meters respectively. The common living layout is two or three rooms, one living room, one kitchen, and one bathroom.

If you are a personal residence with a small area requirement, you can consider both an extension room and a container house; if you have a large area requirement, it is recommended that you choose a container house with various appearance styles.

Container two-storey hotel
Composed of 20 40ft container houses
Area: 261.9sqm

40 feet extension room
One bedroom, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom
Area: 76sqm

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