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  • A chicken house with 10,000 chickens, what should I think about?
    • 2022-05-20

    If you're a newbie looking to build a 10,000 chicken coop, what questions do you need to consider? First of all, you need to be clear, do you need to raise boiler chickens, layer chickens, or both? In our experience, if you need to raise chickens on the ground(boiler chicken): 18-20 chickens per square meter; If you need caged chickens(layer chicken): 20-25 chickens per square meter; Therefore, th...

  • Hebei Baofeng Steel Structure Manufacturer
    • 2022-05-13

    Hebei Baofeng Steel Structure CO.,LTD founded in 2005, is one of the top professional enterprise that specialized in steel structure designing, manufacturing, processing and installing various steel structure projects,such as steel warehouse, steel workshop, storage warehouse shed, chicken house. churches, prefab houses. We have nearly 20 years of export experience. If you need, we can ship the pr...

  • Best Practice for container house
    • 2022-05-06

    Container houses are more and more popular because of their advantages of convenient transportation, installation and movement, low cost, long service life and high return on investment. In particular, it can be used as a construction site office, dormitory, labor camp, living room, toilet, etc. The container house can be spliced up, down, left and right into any shape you want. Therefore, if you ...

  • Steel structure project case
    • 2022-04-29

    Our company is a professional steel structure manufacturer with more than 20 years of production experience. The company has many experienced steel structure designers, who can design a satisfactory steel structure scheme for you according to your requirements. The following are 2 recent steel structure single cases: Steel Structure Project 1 Philippine Steel Structure Warehouse Dimensions: 44m x ...

  • What issues should be considered when building a steel structure project?
    • 2022-04-22

    Steel structure engineering is one of the main types of building structures in modern construction engineering. Because of its lightweight and simple construction, it is widely used in industrial plant warehouses, multi-story commercial buildings, agricultural breeding, and other fields. However, it is not easy to build a steel structure project. According to the different local climates and the a...

  • Steel prices under the influence of the epidemic
    • 2022-04-15

    For every customer, the price of steel structure projects is undoubtedly one of the most concerning issues, and the price of the final project is affected by the price of steel. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the price of steel has changed frequently. Recently, due to the severe epidemic situation where the factory is located and affected by traffic control and other issues, steel prices fluc...

  • Why are people using steel structures more and more?
    • 2022-04-07

    In the past, people's buildings were mostly concrete buildings. However, with the passage of time, the earth's resources are decreasing, and the buildings tend to be energy-saving and land-saving. People's acceptance of steel structure buildings is also increasing. So what are the advantages of steel structure buildings? 1. Economical and practical The weight of the steel structure warehouse/...

  • How to choose steel structure materials?
    • 2022-04-01

    The quality of steel structure materials varies greatly, how should we choose? 1. There should be no damage marks on the surface of steel structure; 2. The color of the surface components of the steel structure materials should not have pronounced color difference; 3. There should be no debris, plants, oil stains, or other stains on the surface of the steel structure, and there shou...

  • Seven systems of steel structure production management
    • 2022-03-25

    In order to ensure the quality of steel structure products, our company has seven strict production management systems. system We have a professional purchasing department, all members of the purchasing department have more than 5 years of work experience and understand the characteristics of varioussteel structure raw materials. 2. Production management system We have strict progres...

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