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  • Container house--nucleic acid detection point
    • 2022-10-10

    Each module of the container house can exist independently, can be hoisted as a whole, and is easy to disassemble and transport. It can also be freely combined and spliced into various styles and layouts according to actual needs; steel frame structure, the structure is safe and stable; the overall structure is beautiful and easy to decorate; customers can decorate according to their actual needs....

  • Container house RV?
    • 2022-10-09

    Do you know the "RV" that has become very popular in recent years? Recreational vehicle, also known as "home on wheels", has two functions of "house" and "car", but its attribute is still a car. It is a mobile vehicle with basic facilities necessary for home use. So here comes the question: Can a container house be used as an RV? If so, how can it be achieved? First, let's learn about the containe...

  • How to site and layout a chicken house?
    • 2022-09-30

    A small poultry farm does not require any special layout as it only involves building a house. Medium and large farms require special building layouts. The following points are for your reference: 1. The location of the chicken coop: 1>Chicken houses should avoid intensive breeding areas; 2>Chicken coops should be kept away from residential and industrial areas; 3>It should have basic fac...

  • How to choose a steel structure manufacturer
    • 2022-09-23

    Nowadays, it is very common to use steel structures in warehouses, workshops, and other structures. But, for buyers, how do choose a good supplier? The quality of the steel is directly related to the quality of the project, so it is particularly important to ensure the reliability of the source of the steel. 1. Their Services and Capabilities What is the size of the company? Whether the steel stru...

  • How to better optimize the design scheme of steel structure warehouse
    • 2022-09-16

    Due to the superior characteristics of steel structures, there are more and more steel structure projects. High-rise buildings, aircraft hangars, exhibition halls, shopping malls, factories, and other steel structure projects can be seen everywhere. The steel warehouse building has a small column area, which can reduce the occupied indoor area and increase the available space, and the steel s...

  • A few things you need to pay attention to when building a chicken coop:
    • 2022-09-09

    Do you think that you only need to know the number of chickens to start building a steel chicken house? Of course not! No event is so simple, don't worry, wait for me to sort out a few aspects for you: First, there are four points to consider: 1>Type of Chicken Raised: Broiler or Layer? 2>What stage will you start: eggs, chicks, or mature? 3>Open free-range chicken house or fixed clo...

  • Multi-storey steel warehouse structure
    • 2022-09-02

    This is a three-storey steel structure building, the project site is Maldives, it is built as a warehouse. Size: L10m*W17.4m*H13.8m(174sqm) Steel structural buildings are mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other steel and steel plate members. The overall rigidity and seismic performance of the steel structure are good, the construction speed is fast, the dead weight i...

  • What is the standard size of a warehouse?
    • 2022-08-26

    What is the standard size of a warehouse? Obviously, this is not a fixed number. Generally speaking, the size of warehouses in different industries will vary according to their different uses. The following are common uses of warehouses, each requiring a unique space tailored: Distribution centers Manufacturing Factories Wholesale Healthcare Retail food service Automotive Grow rooms Warehouse stor...

  • Are steel structures cheaper than wood structures?
    • 2022-08-19

    If you only look at the upfront costs, it may be cheaper to build a wood-frame building. However, there are more factors at play throughout the life cycle of buildings that make steel buildings much less expensive than wood after construction. 1. The steel has a high recovery rate and can be reused; 2. Steel structures can withstand more wear and tear than wooden structures, thus reducing cos...

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