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  • Our Advantages:Seven Production Management Systems
    • 2022-10-21

    1. Supply System: we have a professional procurement team with more than five years working experience; strict suppliers selection principle; 100% raw material quality inspection rate. 2. Production management system: employees hold working certificates; strict rewards and punishments rules; strict four-step inspection principle, and strictly control of delivery time; 3. QC System: we have a profe...

  • Steel structure raw material price
    • 2022-10-20

    Changes in the price of steel structure materials will affect the price of our steel structure products at any time. Therefore, we and our customers are equally concerned about the price of steel structure materials. Primary and secondary steel prices for structural steel Galvanized strip steel: 4310 yuan/T; Galvanized bracing: 5800 yuan/T; Black round tube: 4420 yuan/T; Galvanized angle iron: 596...

  • Philippine steel structure warehouse delivery
    • 2022-10-19

    Case Sharing of Steel Structure Plant in the Philippines --- Steel Structure Packing and Ready to Ship Project size: 53x37x9m Area: 1961sqm Basic information of customer: This client's company is a real estate company. The new warehouse is rented out, plastics may be stored, and the foundation has been prepared. The city is Quezon City, which is close to Manila, and the wind speed is average. The ...

  • Anti-wind column in steel structure building
    • 2022-10-18

    In steel structure engineering, we often involve wind-resistant columns. The wind-resistant column is a part of the load-bearing system of the steel structure. Anti-wind column: it is used to bear the wind load generated by the horizontal blowing force of the wind at the gables on both sides of the workshop. The anti-wind column is connected with the beam through the steel plate with a vertical st...

  • Is your warehouse wet?
    • 2022-10-17

    Are the goods stored in the warehouse damp or moldy? It means that the storage environment of the goods is very humid and it is necessary to check the source of moisture: First of all, you need to check: the waterproofing of the roof, wall, and ground, is there any water ingress or water seepage? In particular, pay attention to whether the roof leaks. The steel structure roof is usually made of co...

  • Necessity of installing ventilation skylight in steel structure workshop
    • 2022-10-14

    For a new steel structure warehouse or factory building, the installation of ventilation equipment is an important part, because ventilation directly affects the production environment of the enterprise. As one of the ventilation equipment of industrial steel structure workshops, the ventilation skylight works on the principle of natural ventilation. It has no power consumption, is easy to maintai...

  • Steel structure workshop with crane
    • 2022-10-13

    Steel structure workshops are becoming more and more popular. The steel structure workshop with crane is convenient, quick, and easy to install. It has become a very widely used workshop structure in construction engineering. Since it is a steel structure workshop with a crane beam, it is necessary to mention the crane. Crane is a hoisting machine installed in a steel structure workshop for liftin...

  • How to pack the steel structure?
    • 2022-10-12

    What annoys you the most if you buy something online? Is something missing, or is something damaged? For me anyway, both can annoy me. Moreover, if you are buying a product that is not very expensive, you may not be very angry in this situation, but what if you are buying a very expensive thing? You must be very angry, right. Like our company's customers, they buy large-scale steel structure wareh...

  • Container house refuge room
    • 2022-10-11

    The Russian-Ukrainian conflict that began in early 2022 has continued, and if there is a war, people will be injured and infrastructure will be damaged. Relief for personnel: including personnel residence, resettlement of victims, temporary hospital, temporary residence, etc. It not only needs a short construction period, convenient installation, transportation, and disassembly, and it is best to ...

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