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  • Are steel structures cheaper than wood structures?
    • 2022-08-19

    If you only look at the upfront costs, it may be cheaper to build a wood-frame building. However, there are more factors at play throughout the life cycle of buildings that make steel buildings much less expensive than wood after construction. 1. The steel has a high recovery rate and can be reused; 2. Steel structures can withstand more wear and tear than wooden structures, thus reducing cos...

  • Why prefer steel structures?
    • 2022-08-12

    All along, steel has been standing strong as a reliable structural material. Steel is resistant to rot, mold and shrinkage, and is also non-combustible, and strong. Steel is not vulnerable to termites or other insects; and, steel will not crack, split or knot like wood. Its benefits include ease of mass production and prefabrication, uniform quality, lightweight designs. Steel is sustainable ...

  • Philippines Steel Structure warehouse
    • 2022-08-05

    The Philippines is our main foreign market, especially in the past two years, we have a lot of steel structure warehouses, factories and chicken houses projects in the Philippines. With the stable investment environment in its domestic market, the Philippine economy has grown rapidly, and it is very close to China, which facilitates the procurement of various steel structure raw materials. Many Ch...

  • Different steel structure gymnasium
    • 2022-07-29

    Different steel structure gymnasium The most common use of steel structures is as warehouses, workshops, etc. in the industrial field. Most of its appearance is as simple as a general warehouse. But in fact, as long as you need it, the steel structure can not only have a variety of uses but also the appearance of the building can be practical and beautiful at the same time. For example, the follow...

  • How much does a 50m x 100m steel building cost?
    • 2022-07-22

    A 50m x 100m steel building will set you back about $250,000, which is roughly equivalent to $50 per square meter. Of course, this is only an approximate price for your reference. Because: the final price of the steel structure is affected by many factors. Factors affecting the price of steel structure warehouse: 1. Your project size: Obviously, the larger the size, the higher the price; in additi...

  • Steel structure production process
    • 2022-07-15

    How are steel structure warehouses and workshops produced step by step? In order to give you a better understanding of the steel structure production process, here are a few important steps and the production machines involved: 1. CNC flame cutting machine According to the drawings, the steel plate is cut into main steel components; automatic equipment, accurate cutting, error±2mm; high produ...

  • How to choose the right insulation material for your project?
    • 2022-07-08

    I want: the steel structure has good thermal insulation effect: 1. Why can't color steel veneer? The veneer steel structure, wall panels and roof panels are just a layer of color steel plates, while the composite panels have good thermal insulation and sound insulation effects because of the addition of thermal insulation materials. Therefore: In general warehouses and workshops, most of the ...

  • Another 4 sets of steel structure chicken houses in the Philippines
    • 2022-07-01

    4 sets of steel structure chicken coops are loaded and ready to be sent to the Philippines Project Information: Project size: 15.8m x 142m x 1.8m Area: 2243.6sqm Requirements: 4 sets of the same size Time:2022.7.1 If you also need to build any steel structure project, it is best to tell us the following information, or you can consider the following information first, because, in order to better s...

  • 5 considerations for steel structure project planning
    • 2022-06-24

    1)Land:First of all, consider the size and area of your land, you must set aside a part of the area, and the project area cannot occupy all the land area; 2)Leave enough space:Whether it is a warehouse or a production workshop, as the service life increases, there will definitely be more and more goods in it. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider this when planning the plan and leave enou...

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