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Container house RV?

Container house RV?

  • 2022-10-09

Do you know the "RV" that has become very popular in recent years?

Recreational vehicle, also known as "home on wheels", has two functions of "house" and "car", but its attribute is still a car. It is a mobile vehicle with basic facilities necessary for home use.

So here comes the question: Can a container house be used as an RV? If so, how can it be achieved?

First, let's learn about the container house:

Container house: a new type of building based on the unit container house module, which is freely combined and spliced according to actual needs. It can be flexibly spliced up, down, left, and right, and can be arranged in any layout; it is easy to disassemble and transport; the steel frame structure is safe and reliable; moreover, the overall structure is beautiful and generous, and it can be decorated; it can meet the different needs of customers for appearance, area, and house type.

So, you see: the container house itself can be used for living, and it is also equipped with facilities for daily life. Therefore, as long as you add a wheel to it, you can basically realize the purpose of the RV.

Do you think this can be achieved? If you are interested in this, you can always contact us.

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