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How to site and layout a chicken house?

How to site and layout a chicken house?

  • 2022-09-30

A small poultry farm does not require any special layout as it only involves building a house. Medium and large farms require special building layouts. The following points are for your reference:

1. The location of the chicken coop:

1>Chicken houses should avoid intensive breeding areas;

2>Chicken coops should be kept away from residential and industrial areas;

3>It should have basic facilities like water and electricity around it;

4>The chicken coop should be located in a high place, with good water quality and no stagnant water.

5>The house should be positioned so that fresh air passes through the brood house first, then the broiler house and the layer house. This prevents the spread of disease from the laying house to the brooding house.

The layout of the chicken coop:

1>Orientation of the chicken house: It can be east-west or south-east (or west), which is beneficial to increase the temperature of the chicken house in winter and avoid solar radiation in summer, and use the dominant wind direction to improve the ventilation conditions of the chicken house.

2>No visitors or foreign vehicles should be allowed near the house and poultry;

3>Egg storage, offices, and feed storage should be close to the entrance to minimize movement around the house;

4>Chicken house road: The chicken farm road is divided into two types: clean road and dirt road. The clean road is used to transport feed, chickens, and eggs on the farm; the dirt road is used to transport feces, dead chickens, and sick chickens. The two should not be used interchangeably.

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