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3x6 container hospitals, isolation centers, clinics, refuges

3x6 container hospitals, isolation centers, clinics, refuges

  • 2021-08-18

3x6 container houses a new type of building based on unit container house modules and freely assembled and spliced through actual needs. the overall structure is beautiful and generous, and can be decorated; it can meet the different needs of customers for appearance, area, and house type.

Material: high-strength galvanized steel + color steel composite board

Structure: Use galvanized square pipe, galvanized angle iron, and other light steel materials to make the frame, and color steel composite board combination to make the wall panel

Product advantages

Based on the unit container house module, free combination, and splicing through actual needs

Easy to disassemble and transport

The house is bolted and can be dismantled manually without a crane; the various parts of the house are packed for easy transportation;

Simple and quick installation: No need for welding, no crane, all parts and materials are assembled on-site, no need to build a foundation

Wide range of uses

This kind of house is widely used in offices, residences, hotels, shops, etc.

In particular, under the influence of the new crown epidemic, the demand for temporary clinics,temporary medical stations,temporary isolation centers, disaster relief rooms, and shelters has increased.

Each container house is an independent individual with this kind of container house, which is easy to disassemble and assemble. After assembly, it can be hoisted as whole many times without a foundation, convenient for transportation and installation. It can be applied to some rescue work under the epidemic situation.

3x6 container hospitals, isolation centers, clinics, refuges

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