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Container house refuge room

Container house refuge room

  • 2022-10-11

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict that began in early 2022 has continued, and if there is a war, people will be injured and infrastructure will be damaged. Relief for personnel: including personnel residence, resettlement of victims, temporary hospital, temporary residence, etc. It not only needs a short construction period, convenient installation, transportation, and disassembly, and it is best to reuse it. For these requirements, the container house is the best choice.

Each module of the container home can exist independently, can be hoisted as a whole, and is easy to disassemble and transport. It can also be freely combined and spliced into various styles and layouts according to actual needs; steel frame structure, the structure is safe and stable;

Therefore: whether it is a temporary (or long-lasting) hospital, refugee camp, dormitory, etc. Container house can do it.

Container house case sharing:

Curacao Container House Refuge Camp

Dimensions: 59m x 6.7m x 2.8m

Area: 395.3sqm

combined sixty of 20 feet container house

Singal one



Japanese two-story container dormitory building

Dimensions: 28.87m x 7.08m

Area: 408.7992sqm

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