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How to pack the steel structure?

How to pack the steel structure?

  • 2022-10-12

What annoys you the most if you buy something online? Is something missing, or is something damaged?

For me anyway, both can annoy me.

Moreover, if you are buying a product that is not very expensive, you may not be very angry in this situation, but what if you are buying a very expensive thing? You must be very angry, right.

Like our company's customers, they buy large-scale steel structure warehouses, factories, chicken coops and other products, and use a lot of shipping containers every time, and the goods are still sent by sea from far away. After receiving the goods, it is really annoying if the customer finds that the goods are missing or damaged.

In order to provide customers with high-quality services and avoid this situation, our company has a complete packaging system.

1. The primary and secondary steels are packaged as a whole; packaged with the items; the roof, wall panels, and accessories are in bulk;

2. The design adopts the most reasonable packing scheme to ensure maximum utilization of the space load of the container;

3. There is a special track in the container, and the goods are packaged and packaged out, to ensure that the loss rate in the transportation of the goods is 0; at the same time, it is convenient and safe for customers to unload the goods;

4. Each part of all items is printed with an independent number, which is convenient for customers to install and use;

Therefore, please rest assured that the workshop you receive must be in good condition. If unfortunately the goods are damaged, we will definitely send you new and intact goods in time.

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