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How about the container house?

How about the container house?

  • 2021-05-19

With the rapid development of industrialization today,flat pack container houses play a crucial role in various industries. Especially,it can be used as construction site offices,dormitory,labor camps,living house and toilet etc. It is convenient to transport, install, and move, and the cost is low, the life span is more than ten years, and the return on investment is high.

The container house has its own advantages:

1.Easy to transport

It is easy to disassemble and assemble. After one assembly, it can be hoisted multiple times without foundation, which is convenient for transportation.

flat pack container houses

2.Reliable structure

The steel structure frame is sturdy and durable. It is all composed of steel, has strong seismic and deformation resistance, and meets the strength requirements. It is a building unit with good seismic performance in buildings. Good sealing performance, safer and more reliable.

3.Nice appearance

The overall structure is beautiful and generous, and it can be decorated. The wall adopts EPS color steel composite board, small board combination design, the product connection is scientific, the surface is flat and smooth, and it can be matched with different materials and colors of external wall hanging boards.

4.Wide range of usages

Box-style rooms can be flexibly spliced up, down, left, and right, and many combined spaces can be derived, which are widely used in offices, residences, hotels, shops, classrooms, restaurants,dormitories, refuges, exhibition halls, etc., and can also be used independently.

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