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The Characteristics of Steel Structure

The Characteristics of Steel Structure

  • 2021-05-13

1. The steel is toughness, good plasticity, uniform materia

Steel is high structural reliability, suitable for bearing impact and dynamic loads, and excellent seismic performance.

The internal structure of the steel is uniform, close to an isotropic homogeneous body. The actual working performance of the steel structure is more in line with the calculation theory. Therefore, the steel structure has high reliability. Compared with concrete and wood, the ratio of density to yield strength is relatively low. Thus, under the same stress conditions, the steel structure has a small section,light weight,convenient transportation, and installation, and is suitable for large spans, high heights.

2. The steel structure isheat-resistant and not fire-resistant.

When the temperature is below 150°C, the properties of the steel change little. Therefore, the steel structure is suitable for hotworkshops, but when the surface of the structure is exposed to the heat of about 150°C, it should protect by heat insulation panels.

When the temperature is between 300℃ and 400℃, the strength and elastic modulus of the steel will decrease significantly, and the strength of the steel will tend to zero when the temperature is around 600℃. In buildings with special fire protection requirements, the steel structure must be protected by refractory materials to improve the fire resistance level.

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