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  • Industrial steel structure workshop construction
    • 2021-05-06

    In recent years, under the development of buildings is more and more industrialized, steel structure workshops become more and more popular. A good industrial factory building design can satisfy production, save construction costs, and recover investment in advance. However, how do we design the steel workshop? On the one hand, we have to consider the usage, there are various applications of the i...

  • Pre-engineered steel structure buildings
    • 2021-07-01

    Steel structure buildings are the most widely used construction system in the world. When you wanna build a logistics and storage warehouse, industrial production workshop, or agriculture poultry farming, the steel structure is a good choice. The steel structure buildings have many advantages and can meet people’s requirements more than traditional concrete buildings. On the one hand, metal buildi...

  • Advantages of steel structure buildings compared to concrete structures
    • 2021-09-08

    Generally speaking, the steel structure buildings are a new type of light steel structure construction system, which includes steel columns, steel beams, purlin, brace, knee brace, wall and roof panel, and other components such as windows, doors, and cranes. It can be used as industrial buildings, such as logistics warehouses,process factories, and agricultural buildings, such as metal barn, grain...

  • Main factors of design steel structures
    • 2021-10-12

    As is known to all, the construction of steel storage warehouses is rapid, compared with traditional concrete warehouses, which can save construction costs and workers’ costs to a certain degree. At the same time, the steel structure buildings are more environmental, it can reduce the impact of project construction on the environment and nearby residents and can still be recycled without pollution...

  • Seven systems of steel structure production management
    • 2022-03-25

    In order to ensure the quality of steel structure products, our company has seven strict production management systems. system We have a professional purchasing department, all members of the purchasing department have more than 5 years of work experience and understand the characteristics of varioussteel structure raw materials. 2. Production management system We have strict progres...

  • Steel structure production process
    • 2022-07-15

    How are steel structure warehouses and workshops produced step by step? In order to give you a better understanding of the steel structure production process, here are a few important steps and the production machines involved: 1. CNC flame cutting machine According to the drawings, the steel plate is cut into main steel components; automatic equipment, accurate cutting, error±2mm; high produ...

  • Different steel structure gymnasium
    • 2022-07-29

    Different steel structure gymnasium The most common use of steel structures is as warehouses, workshops, etc. in the industrial field. Most of its appearance is as simple as a general warehouse. But in fact, as long as you need it, the steel structure can not only have a variety of uses but also the appearance of the building can be practical and beautiful at the same time. For example, the follow...

  • Our Advantages:Seven Production Management Systems
    • 2022-10-21

    1. Supply System: we have a professional procurement team with more than five years working experience; strict suppliers selection principle; 100% raw material quality inspection rate. 2. Production management system: employees hold working certificates; strict rewards and punishments rules; strict four-step inspection principle, and strictly control of delivery time; 3. QC System: we have a profe...

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