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Main factors of design steel structures

Main factors of design steel structures

  • 2021-10-12
As is known to all, the construction of steel storage warehouses is rapid, compared with traditional concrete warehouses, which can save construction costs and workers’ costs to a certain degree. At the same time, the steel structure buildings are more environmental, it can reduce the impact of project construction on the environment and nearby residents and can still be recycled without pollution.

Steel structures are more suitable for large-span buildings, such as carton production workshops, cotton spinning factories, stadiums, logistics warehouses, garment plants, and so on. And the most important point is that the warehouse building needs are more urgent in modern industry. What are the main factors that we should pay attention to when designing steel structures?

steel storage warehouses design

1. Construction parameters
Length & Width: depends on your requirements.
Height: usual height is about 4.5m-9m, if you need a crane, please let us know your lifting capacity and the height of the crane, so we can precisely design the height of the warehouse building.
Also need to focus on load-bearing design, snow pressure, construction load, wind load and etc.

2. Roof & Wall panels
Commonly used insulation materials mainly include four types, including EPS sandwich panels, PU sandwich panels, rock wool sandwich panels, glass fiber sandwich panels. Customers can choose according to their needs and budget.

3. Other components
Such as doors and windows, lighting belts, ventilation systems, gutters, floor bearing plates, other colored steel bending and so on. About doors and windows, the customers can choose composite panel doors or rolling doors and bar windows, or big windows according to requirements.

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