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Steel structure project package and loading

Steel structure project package and loading

  • 2021-09-29

After the production of each steel structure project is completed, we will organize the delivery of the product as soon as possible, so that our customers can receive the product as soon as possible.

Do you think everything will be fine after the project is completed? of course not. Packing, boxing, and transportation of goods are equally important. Only by doing the best in every aspect, customers can finally receive their satisfactory products.

In order to allow customers to receive undamaged products, we will design and adopt the most reasonable packing plan to ensure maximum use of the container's space load, zero loss rate during cargo transportation, and convenient and safe unloading by customers.

The following are our packing steps:

1、Make packing solution

2、Package preparation

A. Make chassis for main steel structure package

b. Make carton for bulk cargo

c. Prepare packing material for accessories

3、Products inspection

All steel, plates, parts, etc. can only be packed in boxes after passing the quality inspection.

4、Serial number

Number all products to facilitate the verification of product quantity and prevent missing products.

5、All product packaging

a.Pack main steel structure chassis

b.Calculate the quantity of cartons for bulk cargo

c.Pack other accessories

6、Fasten main steel structure package

7、List and shipping mark

a.paste the packing list on main steel structure package

b.Paste the packing list on bulk cargo cartoon

c.Paste the packing list on accessories package

8、Put the packaged goods in the warehouse for storage

9、Loading and shipping

Steel structure project package and loading

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