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Seven systems of steel structure production management

Seven systems of steel structure production management

  • 2022-03-25

In order to ensure the quality of steel structure products, our company has seven strict production management systems. system

We have a professional purchasing department, all members of the purchasing department have more than 5 years of work experience and understand the characteristics of varioussteel structure raw materials.

2. Production management system

We have strict progress management for each project; all steel structure production personnel have undergone professional pre-job training.

3. QC system

a. Our company's products have obtained QC9001 quality certification;

b. Our company has a special quality inspection department. All quality inspectors have 20 years of experience in quality inspection, and strictly implement standardized inspection procedures to ensure a 100% quality inspection rate for eachsteel structure project.

4. packaging system

First, the packaging plan will be designed, and then the packaging will be carried out according to the packaging plan: the overall packaging of the primary and secondary steel of the steel structure; the carton packaging of bulk goods; the composite board and accessories in bulk; the spray serial number is easy to install, etc.;

5. Inventory storage system

Inventory storage Ventilation and dry Regular cleaning and maintenance

We will regularly dry the steel structure according to the weather conditions to avoid rust and mildew; the finished product warehouse is regularly cleaned and maintained (once a week) to check whether there is any damage.

6. Pre-factory inspection system

Before delivery, we will carefully count the goods according to the delivery list to ensure that there are no omissions in the delivery quantity.

7. After-sales service

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