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Our Advantages:Seven Production Management Systems

Our Advantages:Seven Production Management Systems

  • 2022-10-21

1. Supply System: we have a professional procurement team with more than five years working experience;

strict suppliers selection principle;

100% raw material quality inspection rate.

2. Production management system: employees hold working certificates; strict rewards and punishments rules; strict four-step inspection principle, and strictly control of delivery time;

3. QC System: we have a professional inspection department, standard inspection tools, strict inspection standards, a 100% quality inspection rate; international ISO9001 certification, and CE certificate.

4. Packing system:

Our reasonable packing scheme can help customers to saving costs and shipment space.

Our classified packing principle can help customer loading and unloading the products conveniently and safely.

Our professional package marking will help customers distribute the products clearly.

5. Storage system: special storage warehouse, regular cleaning, and quality inspection.

6. Pre-shipment inspection: before delivery, the salesperson and the warehouse manager will check the contract product list with two sets of delivery lists, and the warehouse manager will supervise the shipment procedure to ensure that there are no shortages or missing shipments.

7. Perfect after-sales service system: we have professional 24 hours online service to solve customers' problems; we provide comprehensive installation drawings, video, and engineer on-site guidance. We offer quick-wearing parts freely. Our products are guaranteed for five years.

We pay great attention to our steel structure product quality and delivery time

Delivery Time:after the contract is signed, the production plan will be issued by the production supervisor, and each work group will complete the assessment with high quality in time.

Quality Control: We strictly implement the four-step inspection principle:self-inspection, mutual inspection, workshop inspection, and company inspection, to ensure 100% quality control.

Everyone is a producer, Everyone is quality inspector is our is our longing promise

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