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Steel structure raw material price

Steel structure raw material price

  • 2022-10-20
Changes in the price of steel structure materials will affect the price of our steel structure products at any time. Therefore, we and our customers are equally concerned about the price of steel structure materials.

Primary and secondary steel prices for structural steel
Galvanized strip steel: 4310 yuan/T;
Galvanized bracing: 5800 yuan/T;
Black round tube: 4420 yuan/T;
Galvanized angle iron: 5960 yuan/T;
Black angle iron: 4850 yuan/T;
Round steel: 4210 yuan/T;
Hot-dip galvanized square tube:100*200*2.75 thickness,5230 yuan/T, the thinner the thickness, the more expensive the price;
Galvanized round pipe: 5130 yuan/T;
Q235H section steel: 4000 yuan/T;
Q355H section steel: 4300 yuan/T;

Steel structure doors and windows price: Self-made veneer sliding door: 135 yuan per square meter;
Self-made composite panel swing door: 188 yuan per set;
Electric composite panel sliding door: 4000* H4500mm voltage 380V 50HZ; each set: 15330 yuan;
Shutters: 165 yuan per square meter;
Aluminum alloy with window: 120 yuan per square meter;
Plastic steel with window: 120 yuan per square meter;
Glass curtain wall: 400 yuan per square meter;
Steel and wooden doors: 590 yuan each;

The price of steel structure raw materials changes frequently, if you want to know the latest price, please feel free to contact us.

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