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Steel structure connection system

Steel structure connection system

  • 2022-10-24

The connection system components of the steel structure are: anchor bolts high-strength bolts ordinary bolts self-tapping screws pull rivets

1. The anchor bolt connects the column base plate and the foundation, and the material can be divided into Q235B and Q345B. The lower part of the anchor bolt is hook-shaped and embedded in the concrete reinforced foundation. The embedded length is based on the design drawing; the upper part of the anchor bolt is exposed with threads In part, use high-strength nuts to connect with the column base plate.

2.High-strength bolts: High-strength bolts are generally used to connect the main steel in the steel structure. The connection between the column and the beam, the beam and the beam, and the beam and purlin are completed through the connection plate.

High-strength bolts are made of higher-strength materials than ordinary bolts.

3.Common bolts: used to connect secondary steel members such as tie bars, purlins, and braces of steel structures

4.Self tapping screw: can be used as the connection between the color steel plate and the color steel plate of the wall panel roofing board; it can also penetrate the color steel plate and the purlin connection;

5.Pull rivets: can be used for the installation of ridge color steel plate bending accessories; can be used as the installation of roof ventilator.

6.Welding is a commonly used connection method between various components or parts of the steel structure. On-site welding should be performed in accordance with the steel construction drawings on the weld seam height, weld seam form, and welding rod requirements.

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