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Steel frame---Steel structure warehouse workshop projects

Steel frame---Steel structure warehouse workshop projects

  • 2022-10-25

1. Mechanical principle of portal steel frame:

The structure is mainly composed of columns and beams. The transverse steel frame is the main stress structure, and the steel frame is a plane stress system. In order to ensure longitudinal stability, roof support and inter-column support are provided.

2. Steel frame form:

Portal steel frame;

Portal steel frame with crane beam;

With partial two-layer portal steel frame;

Multilayer portal steel frame

3. Derived form of steel frame:

Single slope and single span;

Gable steel frame;

Single slope continuous span;

Even across a single ridge;

Even across multiple roofs

The scope of application of portal rigid frame is light industrial buildings, single-storey house steel structures without bridge cranes or only medium and light working bridge cranes or 3t suspension cranes with a lifting capacity of not more than 20t. Due to the thin thickness of the portal frame member, it is not suitable for use in environments with strong corrosive media.

If you are not sure which structure type you want to choose, please contact us, our designers can design a reasonable plan for you according to your project requirements.

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