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Steel structure production process

Steel structure production process

  • 2022-07-15

How are steel structure warehouses and workshops produced step by step? In order to give you a better understanding of the steel structure production process, here are a few important steps and the production machines involved:

1. CNC flame cutting machine

According to the drawings, the steel plate is cut into main steel components; automatic equipment, accurate cutting, error±2mm; high production efficiency, can cut 150-200 tons of plates a day

2.CNC drilling machine

This machine is a CNC drilling machine. By programming the XYZ axis limit function, the machine automatically aligns the plate for drilling, with fast speed, high precision, and deviation≤1mm, ensuring 100% installation without error

3, Straightening, grouping and welding machine

This machine integrates the three processes of H-beam assembly, submerged arc welding, and straightening, which greatly improves production efficiency.

4.Steel intelligent marking robot

This machine to mark the welding lines, component numbers, and letters on all components. It saves time for the later production process and greatly improves the work efficiency and production capacity.

5. Steel cutting robot

This machine will cut the marked section steel straight to length, bevel, splicing Z-shaped mouth, and cut the hole in the section steel at the same time.

6. Composite board production machine

Each machine can produce 2000 square meters per day on average

7. CNC C-beam production machine

This machine adopts CNC programming to set the hole distance/length, punches first, then bends, and then cuts off, no burrs and no sticking, high production efficiency, can produce 5000 meters a day

8. Accessories production

This is a machine for producing accessories, and all accessories for the entire project are produced here.

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