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  • How to choose steel structure materials?
    • 2022-04-01

    The quality of steel structure materials varies greatly, how should we choose? 1. There should be no damage marks on the surface of steel structure; 2. The color of the surface components of the steel structure materials should not have pronounced color difference; 3. There should be no debris, plants, oil stains, or other stains on the surface of the steel structure, and there shou...

  • How to choose the right insulation material for your project?
    • 2022-07-08

    I want: the steel structure has good thermal insulation effect: 1. Why can't color steel veneer? The veneer steel structure, wall panels and roof panels are just a layer of color steel plates, while the composite panels have good thermal insulation and sound insulation effects because of the addition of thermal insulation materials. Therefore: In general warehouses and workshops, most of the ...

  • Steel structure raw material price
    • 2022-10-20

    Changes in the price of steel structure materials will affect the price of our steel structure products at any time. Therefore, we and our customers are equally concerned about the price of steel structure materials. Primary and secondary steel prices for structural steel Galvanized strip steel: 4310 yuan/T; Galvanized bracing: 5800 yuan/T; Black round tube: 4420 yuan/T; Galvanized angle iron: 596...

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