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  • How about the expandable house
    • 2021-05-26

    Expandable house overview Main material : high-strength galvanized steel + color steel composite board Structure :The folding house use light steel materials such as galvanized square pipes and galvanized angle irons to make the frame, and color steel composite panels to make the wall panels. Part of the frames are connected by hinges to achieve the purpose of free opening and closi...

  • How to get a steel structure warehouse from China?
    • 2021-07-16

    As is known to all, steel structure building projects are becoming more and more popular in industrial buildings such as factories, warehouses, and workshops. Due to the rapid internet development, many customers tend to import steel buildings from China. So how can I get a steel warehouse or factory from China? On the one hand, It's an essential step to directly search for a steel structure build...

  • Expandable house, a house that can save the land?
    • 2021-07-23
    Expandable house, a house that can save the land?

    With the development of the modern economy, industry, architecture, and urban construction, have you discovered that our land resources are getting less and less compared to decades? However, the land is very important to us. Land can produce food, and with enough food, people can live a normal life and carry out a series of economic construction. As the saying goes: food is the first necessity of...

  • Insulation materials of the steel structure workshop
    • 2021-07-29

    Due to its unique advantages, such as short construction time, low cost, long service life, etc., steel structure buildings are increasingly used in factories, workshops, warehouses, indoor stadiums, multi-functional halls, etc. However, how should we achieve thermal insulation? Generally speaking, we usually adopt the following methods to ensure the temperature of steel structure buildings. It is...

  • Prefab construction site workers dormitory
    • 2021-08-25

    The container house is made of a steel frame and insulated sandwich panel, which is usually used as a residential, clinic, refuge, medical station, guest house, apartment, etc. Especially,prefab container houses are more and more acted as a temporary building in the construction industry, such as worker accommodation and staff office. Each container house size is 3m*6m*2.8m, the area is about 18 s...

  • Vegetable and flower greenhouse shading system
    • 2021-12-17
    Vegetable and flower greenhouse shading system

    Greenhouse outdoor shading Greenhouse outdoor shading is to install a shading net outside the greenhouse (on the top of the greenhouse) to directly block the excess solar radiation outside. The excess solar radiation basically does not enter the greenhouse and will not affect the temperature in the greenhouse. From the perspective of the temperature reduction of the shade, The cooling effect of ou...

  • What is the standard size of a warehouse?
    • 2022-08-26

    What is the standard size of a warehouse? Obviously, this is not a fixed number. Generally speaking, the size of warehouses in different industries will vary according to their different uses. The following are common uses of warehouses, each requiring a unique space tailored: Distribution centers Manufacturing Factories Wholesale Healthcare Retail food service Automotive Grow rooms Warehouse stor...

  • Comparison between container house and expandable house
    • 2022-12-22

    Same point: Both the container house and the expandable house are made of light steel materials such as galvanized square tubes as frames, and color steel composite panels are made of steel frame structures for wall panels. Excellent windproof and shockproof performance, simple and convenient installation and completion, convenient disassembly and transportation; Difference: The box-type house is ...

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