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Vegetable and flower greenhouse shading system

Vegetable and flower greenhouse shading system

  • 2021-12-17

Greenhouse outdoor shading

Greenhouse outdoor shading is to install a shading net outside the greenhouse (on the top of the greenhouse) to directly block the excess solar radiation outside. The excess solar radiation basically does not enter the greenhouse and will not affect the temperature in the greenhouse. From the perspective of the temperature reduction of the shade, The cooling effect of outdoor shading is the best.

Since the shading net is installed outdoors, the shading net has no direct influence on other environmental factors in the greenhouse. Therefore, the function of outdoor shading is basically limited to the cooling and light adjustment of the greenhouse.

Greenhouse inner shading

Indoor shading is to install shading nets inside the greenhouse to block excess solar radiation in the greenhouse.

As solar radiation enters the room and is reflected by the sunshade net, part of it is reflected by the sunshade net, and part is absorbed by the sunshade net. When the part reflected by the shading net passes through the greenhouse covering material, a part of the solar radiation is reflected indoors by the covering material, and the part absorbed by the shading net raises the temperature of the shading net itself and then is transmitted to the indoor air.

Therefore, for the shade net with the same shading rate, the cooling effect of indoor shading is slightly worse than that of outdoor shading. However, when the inner sunshade is matched with the wet curtain fan cooling system, it can greatly improve the cooling efficiency of the wet curtain fan, making the indoor air flow more smoothly.

Vegetable and flower greenhouse

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