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Steel Structure Warehouse in Democratic Republic of Congo

  • 2022-10-11

Dimensions: 16m x 35m x 6m

Area: 560 square meters

Customer requirements: good ventilation in the warehouse

Warehouse ventilation options: air floor ventilation and unpowered ventilators
1. The ventilation effect of the air building is better than that of the unpowered ventilator
2. The rainproof function of the air tower and the unpowered ventilator is constructed to achieve the effect of rainproof. The rainproof effect of the two is comparable
3. The air building is suitable for use in areas with relatively large winds. Generally speaking, the windproof function and ventilation effect of the air building are better than those of the unpowered ventilator.

The customer ended up choosing an unpowered ventilator based on the price of both.

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