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Bangladesh 4 storey steel structure frame

  • 2022-10-10

Dimensions: 34.5m x 30m x 29m

Single floor area: 1035sqm

The client's land area is limited, so he wanted to build a high-rise frame project with the first floor as a production workshop, the second and third floors as warehouses, and the fourth floor as an office area.

Clients are very concerned about such high project quality:

We told him not to worry, the design and production of high-rise steel buildings are now well established.

Steel is characterized by high strength, lightweight, good overall stiffness, and strong deformation resistance. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the construction of large-span, super-high and super-heavy buildings, and can bear the dynamic load well, so there will be no problem with the product quality.

Furthermore, we have also designed and produced high-rise buildings.

Maldives 3-storey steel structure warehouse

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