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  • The anticorrosion of the steel structure buildings
    • 2022-01-18

    Steel structure buildings have been widely used in all walks of life, such as industrial plants, agricultural poultry houses,sports stadium,shopping buildings,office, etc. Doing the steel structure anticorrosion can extend the safety and life of the whole building. Before spraying, an indispensable step is to carry out shot blasting process. This process is mainly through the impact and cutting ef...

  • Steel structure warehouse project case display
    • 2022-01-13
    Steel structure warehouse project case display

    Nowadays, many warehouses have begun to use steel structures for construction, especially in many commercial uses. The use of steel structure is very common: it can be used in factories, warehouses, office buildings, stadiums, hangars, and so on. It is not only suitable for single-story and large-span buildings but also can be used to construct multi-story or high-rise buildings. We can also produ...

  • The safety of steel structure buildings
    • 2022-01-05

    As is known to all, the essential issue of steel structure buildings issafety. When we design and construction the steel structures, stability is very substantial. So how to ensure the safety of steel structure warehouse? On the one hand, choosing a professional steel structure manufacturer is very important for customers. Baofeng company has professional designers who have designed many sets...

  • Two different options for chicken coops
    • 2021-12-30
    Two different options for chicken coops

    The structure of a poultry farm can be customized according to the customer's individual requirements. If you want to build a chicken coop, there are now two products for you to choose from :Steel structure chicken house and chicken house breeding shed. 1. Steel structure chicken houses are divided into H-shaped steel chicken houses and square tube chicken houses because of the different stee...

  • Why choose the multi-span greenhouse?
    • 2021-12-21

    The multi-span greenhouse is a kind of economical greenhouse, which is popular with users for its beautiful arc shape and low cost. The curved roof is beautiful and generous, and the sight is smooth. The structural steel consumption is small, and the heat preservation performance is good. It has a relatively low manufacturing cost, is an economical greenhouse, and has a wide range of applications....

  • Vegetable and flower greenhouse shading system
    • 2021-12-17
    Vegetable and flower greenhouse shading system

    Greenhouse outdoor shading Greenhouse outdoor shading is to install a shading net outside the greenhouse (on the top of the greenhouse) to directly block the excess solar radiation outside. The excess solar radiation basically does not enter the greenhouse and will not affect the temperature in the greenhouse. From the perspective of the temperature reduction of the shade, The cooling effect of ou...

  • How to design the animal breeding shed
    • 2021-12-07

    The breeding shed is also called warm shed breeding, which refers to the open or semi-open livestock and poultry pens covered with a layer of plastic film in the cold season to make full use of the heat generated by the solar energy and the livestock and poultry itself to increase the temperature in the house. Reduce heat energy loss, reduce maintenance needs, and improve livestock and poultry pro...

  • Steel structure multi-span film greenhouse
    • 2021-12-03
    Steel structure multi-span film greenhouse

    A greenhouse is a facility that can transmit light and keep warm and is used to cultivate plants. In the seasons that are not suitable for plant growth, it can provide a warm environment for plant growth and increase crop yields. It is mostly used for plant cultivation or seedling cultivation of temperature-loving vegetables, flowers in low-temperature seasons. Multi-span film greenhouse Multi-spa...

  • Steel metal arched shed
    • 2021-11-22

    The metal arched shed is a new type of structure developed in recent years. Compared with the traditional structure, it has many advantages, such as light weight, easy installation, beautiful appearance, short construction period, good seismic performance, low cost, and environmental pollution, less maintenance, etc. Metal arched sheds have made considerable progress in recent years, and the ...

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