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Precautions for steel structure packaging

Precautions for steel structure packaging

  • 2023-02-10

Our company has a complete packaging system to ensure that steel structure materials are not damaged during transportation.

1. The primary and secondary steel are packaged as a whole, and the accompanying items are mainly...

2. We will design and adopt the most reasonable packing plan to ensure the maximum use of the space and load capacity of the container.

3. There are rails in the shipping container, and the package is packaged to ensure that the loss rate during the transportation of the goods is zero, and it also ensures that the customer unloads the container safely and conveniently.

4. Each part of all items is printed with an independent number, which is convenient for customers to install and use.

5. Moreover, before delivery of our steel structure products, special personnel will check the goods according to the delivery list and check them one by one to ensure that there will be no missing shipments.

6. The packing and transportation of steel structure materials is the last link of our steel structure project. We will ensure that the goods you receive are of high quality and quantity.

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