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Steel structure multi-span film greenhouse

Steel structure multi-span film greenhouse

  • 2021-12-03

A greenhouse is a facility that can transmit light and keep warm and is used to cultivate plants. In the seasons that are not suitable for plant growth, it can provide a warm environment for plant growth and increase crop yields. It is mostly used for plant cultivation or seedling cultivation of temperature-loving vegetables, flowers in low-temperature seasons.

Multi-span film greenhouse

Multi-span film greenhouses are greenhouses with film as the main light-transmitting covering material and are usually divided into single-layer film greenhouses and double-layer film greenhouses.

In view of its thermal insulation performance, single-layer film greenhouses are mostly used in spring and autumn or in mild climate areas; double-layer thin greenhouses are mostly used in northern regions. Usually used for planting flowers, vegetables, and fruits, flower market, sightseeing display, seedling breeding, etc.

The multi-span film greenhouse adopts a hot-dip galvanized steel pipe frame, a single-layer or double-layer film for covering the top and surrounding façades. According to requirements, internal/external shading systems, fan wet curtain cooling systems, natural ventilation systems around and on the top, and electricity can be added. Control system, etc.

Features of multi-span film greenhouse:

a. It can effectively prevent heat loss and cold air intrusion, with better heat preservation performance and lower energy consumption;

b. High utilization rate inside the greenhouse, low overall construction cost, and convenient use;

c. The indoor usable space is large, the ventilation effect is good, and it is suitable for areas with stable climates.

multi-span film greenhouse

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