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Steel metal arched shed

Steel metal arched shed

  • 2021-11-22

The metal arched shed is a new type of structure developed in recent years. Compared with the traditional structure, it has many advantages, such as light weight, easy installation, beautiful appearance, short construction period, good seismic performance, low cost, and environmental pollution, less maintenance, etc.

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Metal arched sheds have made considerable progress in recent years, and the current construction technology has matured day by day. As a branch of cold-formed steel structure, it has the following characteristics:

1. Short construction period and high quality: advanced construction methods and scientific design concepts make the overall structure and node connection of the color slabarched buildingreasonable and accurate. One piece of equipment can complete more than 1,000 square meters of color panels per day.

2. Low cost: the basic structure of the colored slab arched building is simple, and the roof adopts the plate frame combined with an arched channel plate, which eliminates the roof truss and purlin in the traditional building form, and has a light weight.

3. Beautiful appearance and diverse varieties: the roof is arched, the facade can be designed at will, the space inside the house is open, can be separated and decorated freely, and the use is not restricted by the structure.

4. Good thermal insulation: polyurethane, fiber cotton andaldrin roofing materials can be used as warm materials, with excellent thermal insulation effect.

5. Long service life: it can be used forever, and the color plate coating will not peel off and rust within 25 years of normal use.

6. High flexibility:Small-span buildings can be directly installed manually no matter where the building is located, and the installation can be completed without any equipment.

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