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Philippines steel structure office building

Philippines steel structure office building

  • 2022-06-02

Steel structures have long been very common as commercial buildings such as warehouses and factories. In addition, the steel structure can also be used as an office building.

Recently, our 3-story steel structure office building project in the Philippines has completed production, and the packaging and delivery tasks of the project have been completed around the Children's Day.

Dimensions: 28.36m x 18.34m x 11m

Structure: Three-story building

Office building with stairs inside and outside

Design load:

Wind load: 0.3KN/M2;

Roof live load: 0.3KN/M2;

Roof constant load: 0.15KN/M2;

If you also need to build any steel structure project, it is best to tell us the following information, or you can consider the following information first, because, in order to better solve your project problems, we need to know the following information, thank you for your understanding:

(1) Dimension: Length, width, height, eave height, roof pitch, etc.

(2) Doors and windows: Dimension, quantity, position.

(3) Local climate: Wind speed, snow load, seismic magnitude etc.

(4) Insulation material: Panel type, sandwich materials, sandwich thickness

(5) Crane beam: Do you need crane beam inside the steel structure? And its load.

(6) Is there any materials that are not allowed to import to the country where the structure is planning to use?

(7) If you have other requirements, such as fire proofing, insulated roof, etc. Please also inform us.

(8) It's better if you have your own drawings or pictures. Please send them to us, we can give you an accurate quotation according to your drawings.

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