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The latest door and window prices on December 17

  • 2021-12-17

One 12mm thick frameless tempered glass spring door, bxh=1mx2.4m, the price of a single leaf is 1400 yuan/set; about 219 US dollars/set;

1 frame of 12mm thick frameless tempered glass spring door, bxh=3mx2.4m, the price of double leaf is 2750 yuan/set; about 431 US dollars/set;

1 single sliding hollow steel sliding door, bxh=5mx4.5m, the price is 420 yuan/square meter; about 65.8 US dollars/set;

1 aluminum alloy tempered glass window, bxh=5.2mx1.5m, the price is 2980 yuan/set; about 467 US dollars/set;

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