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Steel rice processing workshop structural building

  • 2021-04-13

Project overview

The steel rice processing workshop construction was built in Ethiopia. The whole project area is about 1000 square meter, its dimension as follows: length: 50m, width: 20m, eave height: 8m.
1.The wall and roof panel is the 50mm EPS sandwich panel;
2.The door is electric shutter door,its size is wide 4m x height 4.5m;
Besides,we can provide some roof and wall panels for customers to choose from, for example, single-layer color steel sheet, sandwich panel (glass wool, rock wool, polyurethane), and insulation cotton, which used together with single color metal cladding.

We designed the steel structure workshop according to the internal equipment layout. The advantage of steel structure buildings is that the internal space is wide, large-scale production equipment can be used, and sufficient storage space for raw materials can be provided to ensure continuous production. The steel structure building can be designed with a large span, and there is no column inside, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the prefab workshop buildings internal space.

prefab workshop buildings

The all steel structure workshop building is simple to install and quick to construct. The entire steel structure warehouse project took about half a year from the start of processing to the completion of the installation.

steel structure workshop building

All steel structure parts bolted. We shipped it to the customer’s site after processing it in our factory. It was installed by local workers. All steel components are hot-dip galvanized and have excellent corrosion resistance.

steel structure workshop building

Our team will study the drawings, optimize the design scheme, and reduce the total cost based on safety as much as possible. We optimize the design and also provide the best installation scheme to minimize customers’ work on-site; it provides customers with the best construction solution.

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