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Prefabricated steel structure large span building factory workshop warehouse

Prefabricated steel structure large span building factory workshop warehouse

Metal steel structure frame building manufacturer

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    T/T & L/C
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    Hebei, China
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    about 30 days
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    30-50 usd/sqm
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Product Description

The materials of Steel structure warehouse building as follows:

The main structure (including steel columns and beams) is welded by H-shaped steel.

The steel column is connected to the foundation through the embedded anchor bolts.

Beam and column, beam, and beam are connected with high-strength bolts.

Roof purlins and wall beams are made of galvanized C or Z steel.

Bracing systems used to increase the stability of the workshop, including roof supports, wall supports and beams.

The walls and roof are made of color steel plates or color steel sandwich panels connected with roof purlins and wall beams by self-tapping nails.


(1) Free design and architectural drawings provided;

(2) Durability, easy maintenance, designed life span for 50 years;

(3) Fast and easy assemble, online installation guidance provided;

(4) Elaborate and strong design, high wind resistance performance;

(5) Thermal and noise insulation, water proof and fire prevention.

Packing and shipping

Our patented packaging method enables us to load over 10 containers per day. Minimize packaging costs for our clients, significantly reduces unloading time and labor. Typically, unloading can be completed within an hour, saving both time and effort.

Benefits Of Prefab Warehouses

A metal warehouse building kit with an optimized layout not only utilizes space better, but it boosts productivity while saving money. The key is to design the flow of inventory, material handling equipment, and people to suit the products and volumes moving through the warehouse. The better a layout caters to these, the smoother the logistics process.

Metal buildings are perfect for warehousing purposes because they’re affordable and quick to erect. Additionally, these structures can support heavy loads and be built to just about any width, height, and depth. As a result, it’s easy to accommodate a variety of storage needs.

The steel used for the frame, wall panels, and roofing system is resilient to fire, wind, moisture, and mold. Insulated wall or ceiling panels offer superior thermal protection capabilities, helping maintain interior climate control regardless of external weather conditions. This keeps employees comfortable and stored items safe, which leads to greater customer satisfaction.

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.