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Prefab steel fabrication workshop building

  • 2021-04-09

Project details

The steel structural workshop project was built in Philippines on December 2019. All steel structure parts bolted. We shipped it to the customer’s site after processing it in our factory. It was installed by local workers. All steel components are hot-dip galvanized and have excellent corrosion resistance.

The length of the steel structure workshop is 59.7 meter, the width is 31.7 meter, the eave height is 6 meter, and the brick wall is 3 meter. The workshop building used the single steel sheets for the wall and roof panel. There are one columns in the interior, and the whole frame is more stable.

steel structural workshop project

steel structural workshop project

The frame of steel workshop building
Steel structure workshop buildings usually consist of steel beams, columns, steel trusses, and other components. The various components or parts are connected by welding, bolting, or rivets.
1. Main structure
The main structure includes steel columns and beams, which are primary load-bearing structures. It is usually processed from steel plate or section steel to bear the entire building itself and external loads. The main structure adopts Q345B steel.

2. Second structure
Made of thin-walled steel, such as purlins, wall girts, and bracing. The secondary structure helps the main structure and transfers the main structure’s load to the foundation to stabilize the entire building.The main structure adopts Q235B steel.

3. Roof and walls
The roof and wall adopt single steel sheets, which overlap each other during the installation process so that the building forms a closed structure.

4. Bolt
Used to fix various components. Bolt connection can reduce on-site welding, making the installation of steel structure easier and faster.

Steel structure workshop buildings

Advantage of steel fabrication workshop building
During the installation of steel structure warehouse buildings, there will be no dust, no noise, and no environmental pollution to the surroundings. 90% of the building materials can recycle. Energy-saving and emission reduction are beneficial to the sustainable development of resources.

2.Large span
The span of metal structure building can be customized according to your requiremnts. Compared with the concrete structure, it does not need to spend much time and labour, which saves cost.

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