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Ethiopia steel bottled water workshop package and delivery

  • 2021-07-29

Recently, we received an inquiry from an Ethiopian customer who would like to build a bottled water workshop. We carefully asked the customer’s requirements. He wanted a large space so that it is convenient to place the production machines. Therefore, we did not design the center pillar when we designed the drawings.

bottled water workshop

Subsequently, according to the size and land area provided by the client, we discussed with the client and determined the final building size. The final size of the steel bottled water workshop is 30mx95mx10.08m, and the whole area is about 2850 sqm.

steel bottled water workshop

When it’s time to pack the boxes, the workers in our factory put the finished steel beams and columns, wall panels and roof panels into shipping containers. After everything is completed, these packed sea containers are transported by truck to Tianjin Port, and then transported by ship to the port designated by the customer.

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