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Eritrea large span galvanized light steel frame warehouse

  • 2021-04-13

Project overview

The steel structure warehouse built in Eritrea on March 2017 , which is used as industrial production storage building. The Eritrea located in northeast Africa, with a population of approximately 6.7 million, and its official language is English. The local mineral resources are abundant and attract a lot of foreign investment.

The owner of this steel structure warehouse building is a Saudi Arabia company, which invested and built a warehouse in Eritrea.

The dimension of the steel structure warehouse in Eritrea as follows:
Length: 100m, width: 50m, eave height 5m, and height of brick wall 0.5m.

The width of the workshop is 50 meters. To save the quantity of steel structure, we added two middle pillars. The wall and roof panel is made of single steel sheet, its thickness is 0.5mm.The steel structure warehouse in Eritrea is designed and produced by our company, and the owner hires local workers to construct according to the installation drawings provided by us.

Eritrea large span galvanized light steel frame warehouse

Eritrea large span galvanized light steel frame warehouse

Project installation

We market a number each steel component, which is consistent with the number of the installation drawing so that workers can refer to the installation drawing for construction.

Make the foundation of steel structure and embed anchor bolts.

Eritrea large span galvanized light steel frame warehouse

Install steel columns and bracing between columns.
The steel column connected the embedded anchor bolts. The column bracing is a steel rod, which can stabilize steel columns.

Install roof beams and horizontal roof bracing. The steel column and the roof beam are connected through high-strength bolts without on-site welding.

After installing the steel columns and beams, then erect the roof purlins and wall girt, and finally, the enclosure structure plus window, door.

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