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Two different options for chicken coops

Two different options for chicken coops

  • 2021-12-30

The structure of a poultry farm can be customized according to the customer's individual requirements.

If you want to build a chicken coop, there are now two products for you to choose from :Steel structure chicken house and chicken house breeding shed.


Steel structure chicken houses are divided into H-shaped steel chicken houses and square tube chicken houses because of the different steel structure materials used.

The H-shaped steel chicken house has a stronger structure, better wind resistance, and earthquake resistance.

Square-tube chicken coops are suitable for countries that do not require high wind load, and the price is more affordable.

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The breeding shed is framed by galvanized steel-clad plastic steel pipes and assembled with galvanized sheet fittings and galvanized screws. The top of the shed is covered with protective layers such as sun protection, heat preservation, waterproofing, wind, and snow.

It has the advantages of being warm in winter and cools in summer, economical and practical, quick installation, and strong disaster resistance.

This kind of breeding shed has a wide range of uses, not only can be used to raise chickens but also can be used as a sheep shed, pig shed, cowshed, aquaculture shed, etc.

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