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Steel structure project case

Steel structure project case

  • 2022-04-29

Our company is a professional steel structure manufacturer with more than 20 years of production experience. The company has many experienced steel structure designers, who can design a satisfactory steel structure scheme for you according to your requirements.

The following are 2 recent steel structure single cases:

Steel Structure Project 1

Philippine Steel Structure Warehouse

Dimensions: 44m x 58.6m x 6m

Area: 2578.4sqm

According to the customer's request, this steel structure warehouse has 12 doors, and there are 6 doors on each side of the front and rear.

The client requires the warehouse to have better lighting, so there are 11 skylights on both sides of the warehouse roof, a total of 22 skylights.

The front and rear of the warehouse are all brick walls except for the door, and the left and right sides are brick walls.

Steel Structure Project 2

Three-span steel structure warehouse

Dimensions: 100m x 73m x 8m/10m

Area: 7300sqm

The warehouse is on the second floor, in order to save space, the stairs are set outside.

9 Rolling shutter doors: Single door size: 4m x 5m;

32 windows: single window size: 4m x 1m;

Three-span steel structure warehouse

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