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Steel structure construction foundation and steel column

Steel structure construction foundation and steel column

  • 2022-11-11

Steel frame structure construction starts from foundation construction

Before starting the construction of the steel structure foundation, the land should be professionally measured, the level should be marked and the soil quality should be checked. If the soil is relatively poor, it may lead to the displacement or subsidence of the steel structure building.

Steel structure buildings have high horizontal load requirements. If the load is not good, the impact of natural disasters will be relatively large. For example, lateral forces such as strong winds and earthquakes may damage their structures, so steel structure foundations need to be Consider the load problem.

Steel Column Construction

The next step in the steel frame construction is to place the steel columns.

Generally speaking, when placing steel columns, the principle that the length is greater than the width should be , which can reduce the amount of steel used, and at the same time, it can also reduce the wind load of the support between the columns, thereby reducing the amount of steel used for the support system.

Column spacing: The distance under the standard load is 8~9m. When it exceeds 9m, the amount of steel used for the roof purlin and wall frame system increases too much.

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