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Steel structure components

Steel structure components

  • 2021-08-06

Steel structure components

1. Load-bearing system

2. Maintenance system

3. Connection system

4. Other Parts

The four main components are described below:

1. Load-bearing system :

The load-bearing system of steel structure includes primary steel, secondary steel and purlin

Primary steel :

1> Column: Side column,Anti-wind column, middle column

2> Beam: Constant cross section beam,Variable cross-section beam

3> Crane beam

Secondary steel :

1> Horizontal support

2> Column support

3> Tie rod

4> Purlin

5> Brace

6> brace rod

7> Knee brace

Purlin :

1> Roof purlin

2> Wall purlin

2.Maintenance system

Maintenance system of steel structure : roof panel & wall panel, inner and outer ridge tile, front seal/side seal

Roof panel and wall panel:

1> Function: waterproof, heat preservation, sound insulation, beautiful, light weight, high strength, durability, energy saving, long service life

2> The roof panel and wall panel are connected to the roof purline and wall purline by self-tapping nails

3> Classification of roof and wall panels:corrugated single plate,corrugated sandwich panels

4> Compared with the wall panel, the wave peak of the roof plate pressing steel plate is higher, which is conducive to drainage

5> Sandwich material : fiber glass wool ,rock wool,EPS, PU

Outer roof ridge tile: Used for ridge tip waterproofing

Inner roof tile: Beautiful inside of ridge tip

Positive seal: The roof board waterproof and beautiful

Side seal: The roof is waterproof and beautiful

Inside and outside roof roof tile, front seal/side seal, are made of color pressed steel plate folding

3.Connection system

The connection system components of the steel structure are: anchor bolts high-strength bolts ordinary bolts self-tapping screws pull rivets

4.Other components

Doors and windows; lighting belts; ventilation system; gutters; floor bearing plates; other colored steel bending

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