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Steel frame---steel structure building

Steel frame---steel structure building

  • 2022-11-02

The steel frame structure consists of horizontal steel beams and vertical steel columns, which are connected by welds, bolts, and rivets.

Steel is relatively durable, and the structural integrity of the steel frame will not be compromised, whether it is excessive human use or harsh external environmental conditions. It is much less permeable than other materials like concrete or wood.

Buildings are exposed to different weather conditions throughout their life cycle. Steel buildings can withstand humidity, snow, rain, storms, and other harsh climatic conditions without being damaged.

Steel buildings are strong and durable, they last longer than other types of buildings, and they also retain their value better.

Steel structural frames can be used multiple times without affecting their strength and ductility. It can be recycled multiple times, and even after multiple recycling, the properties of the steel do not diminish over time. It is also resistant to corrosion, rust, and oxidation, so it will not deteriorate.

Steel frame construction can be used in any of the following applications:

high-rise building

industrial building


residential building, etc.

If you want to build any steel structure building, you can contact us at any time, we can customize the steel structure scheme for you.

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