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Prefer steel chicken house project

Prefer steel chicken house project

  • 2022-03-02

Poultry house is a type of buildings to protect chickens (broilers and layers) from bad weathers and provide the chickens living space with feeding system, drinking system, waste cleaning and other equipment.

Chicken farm owners shall have a clear idea of how many chickens to raise and what kind of chicken to raise before planning the layout of the poultry house. It is also important to consider about the local weather condition as improper layout may cause huge reduction of output when the chickens are living in a bad environment.

steel structure chicken shed

Compared with traditional chicken house, the steel structure chicken shed can shorten construction period by 1/3 and reduce the pressure of capital and labor occupation, what's more, it's vital to improve the investment benefit of farm.

Generally speaking, the poultry houses' height is between 2.5m-3.5m (at eaves). The width of the poultry houses is decided according to then layout of equipment inside and cannot be too large considering ventilation. Steel structure poultry houses are usually designed with the width of 8-15m. Length can be customized according to needs.

If you have purchasing needs, welcome to contact us.

1) Customized designs are available;

2) In order to give you an exactly quotation and drawings, let us know length, width, eave height you plan to build and local weather condition. We will quote for you promptly!

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