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Modern animal husbandry new type breeding greenhouse

Modern animal husbandry new type breeding greenhouse

  • 2021-11-05

The performance of the farming greenhouse

The breeding shed is made of galvanized steel and assembled with galvanized sheets and galvanized screws. The top of the shed is covered with protective layers such as sun protection, heat preservation, waterproof, wind, and snow, etc. so that the shed has achieved eight advantages:

1. Warm in winter and cool in summer, (compared with color steel tile, this breeding shed can be about 8°C lower than color steel tile in hot summer, and 15°higher than outside in winter)

2. The structure is sturdy and durable. The steel structure frame is assembled with zinc steel plastic-plated materials, hot-dip galvanized frame accessories and hot-dip galvanized screws. The top layer is covered with rock wool. The overall service life is more than several decades.

The service life is equivalent to twice that of brick and tile structure and more than three times that of color steel tile structure.

3. It is economical. The comprehensive cost of this structure is lower than the cost of brick and tile structure, and lower than the cost of other steel structures and color steel breeding sheds. Fast, the construction speed of this structure pig house is one-third of the man-hours of the traditional structure pig house, which can greatly shorten the construction period.

4. Quick installation: The construction time of this pig house structure is one third of that of the traditional pig house, which can greatly shorten the construction time.

5. Disaster resistance: The pig house with this structure can resist the tenth degree wind disaster and the second degree snow disaster (snow with a thickness of seventy centimeters).

6. Energy saving, no heating in winter and no cooling in summer, saving more than 80% of energy than traditional sheds.

7. Good lighting: The side elevation of the breeding shed can achieve the effect of panoramic lighting throughout the year.

8. Environmental control: The best shed with environmental control, natural ventilation in summer, automatic ventilation in winter, odorless, fresh air.

Steel structure breeding greenhouse

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