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Issues to consider when building a greenhouse

Issues to consider when building a greenhouse

  • 2022-02-11

Steel structure greenhouse is a structure used for plant cultivation. It has the functions of cold protection, heat preservation, and good light transmission. It is often used for off-season vegetable cultivation, flower and forest cultivation or seedling raising, ecological restaurant, soilless cultivation, aquaponics, and other new agricultural production.

What should we pay attention to when building a greenhouse?

1. Structural safety

When subjected to self-weight, wind, and snow loads, it should be strong and not damaged; in the event of strong earthquakes, explosions, and other accidents, local damage, but the overall stability of the structure should be maintained and collapse is not allowed.

2. Applicability

The design of the greenhouse needs to meet the normal needs of plants. If the design and construction of the greenhouse cannot meet the requirements of light, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration, the design will be unsuccessful.


It is necessary to ensure that the service life of the greenhouse structure will not be affected by steel corrosion and heavy snow accumulation. In order to meet the durability requirements of the greenhouse, good materials need to be selected.

When choosing a greenhouse frame, you should choose a hot-dip galvanized steel frame.

When choosing a solar panel, you should choose a high transmittance solar panel with a UV layer.

When choosing a film, anti-aging and anti-shedding films should be selected.

When choosing a shading net, a round iron wire or aluminum foil shading net should be used.

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