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How to reduce steel consumption in steel structure projects?

How to reduce steel consumption in steel structure projects?

  • 2022-11-24

1. Steel structure length and width

Generally speaking, the layout of the steel structure should follow the principle that the length is greater than the width, which can reduce the steel consumption of the steel structure, and also reduce the wind load of the support between the columns, thereby reducing the steel consumption of the support system.

Example 1: The size of the steel structure is 60×50m, then when arranging the factory building, 60m should be taken as the length direction and 50m as the span direction, that is: 60(L)×50(W) instead of 50(L)×60(W ).

2. Column spacing

In general, the most economical column spacing under the standard load is 8-9m. When it exceeds 9m, the steel consumption of the roof purlin and wall frame system will increase too much, and the overall cost will not be economical. The standard load here refers to: roof live load 0.3KN/m2, basic wind pressure 0.5KN/m2, when the load is larger, the column spacing should be reduced accordingly.

3. Reasonable span

Different production processes and functions determine the span of the plant to a large extent, and some customers even require steel structure manufacturers to determine a more economical span according to their own project functions. In order to meet the production process and use function as much as possible, a reasonable span should be determined according to the height of the house.

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