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How to better optimize the design scheme of steel structure warehouse

How to better optimize the design scheme of steel structure warehouse

  • 2022-09-16

Due to the superior characteristics of steel structures, there are more and more steel structure projects. High-rise buildings, aircraft hangars, exhibition halls, shopping malls, factories, and other steel structure projects can be seen everywhere. The steel warehouse building has a small column area, which can reduce the occupied indoor area and increase the available space, and the steel structure building has good seismic performance, short construction period, and saves money.

The raw material of the steel structure warehouse is steel, so in the design scheme, we can reduce the amount of steel used, thereby effectively reducing the cost.

For this, what aspects should be considered?

First of all: of course, the area of the warehouse. The larger the area, the more steel will be used. So, choose the warehouse size that works best for your business.

After you have roughly determined the size of the warehouse, you also need to consider the width and height of the warehouse based on the nature of your business or product.

Generally, if the width of the warehouse exceeds 30 meters, it is recommended that you increase the center column to increase the stability of the warehouse, but this will increase the amount of steel used.

The same is true for height. If the height of the warehouse is very high, it will not only increase the amount of steel used but also may need to use the overhead crane and set up the running beam, which will increase the amount of steel used and thus increase the cost.

Of course, if you have other needs and want to reduce the amount of steel as much as possible, you can communicate with professional designers. Designers will try their best to meet your requirements on the premise of ensuring the safety of your warehouse.

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