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Design and installation of steel structure buildings

Design and installation of steel structure buildings

  • 2021-04-16

Design and installation of steel structure buildings

About the design of steel structure project

The design of the steel warehouse needs to consider the load-bearing design that will allow it to withstand rainwater, snow pressure, construction load, and maintenance load.

Our professional designers can design the most reasonable design scheme for you according to your actual needs and local climate conditions.

About the installation problem ofsteel structure building

Compared with concrete buildings, steel structure buildings are faster and easier to install. The construction time is at least one-third shorter than that of traditional buildings, and it is not affected by the environmental season. For a building of about 3,000 square meters, only 10 workers are required to complete the installation in 30 working days.

The installation method of steel warehouse can choose the following two methods:

1. Ordinary installation:

Color steel veneer or color steel composite board is produced in the workshop according to the axis of the drawing, and directly installed on site;

2. On-site compound installation

Use heat preservation materials such as veneer, glass wool or rock wool to install at the construction site, so that the purlin does not leak out and the heat preservation effect is good. However, the on-site workload is large and the difficulty coefficient is high.

The process of steel structure warehouse buildings installation:

1. Infrastructure

2. Steel column installation

3. Steel beam installation

4. Secondary steel installation

5. Purlin installation

6. Roof/wall panel installation

7. Accessory installation

8. Door and window installation

steel structure buildings

We will provide you with installation drawings and videos. If necessary, we can also send engineers to the site to guide you in the installation. We will also answer any questions you encounter during the installation process online at any time.

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