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Are steel structures cheaper than wood structures?

Are steel structures cheaper than wood structures?

  • 2022-08-19

If you only look at the upfront costs, it may be cheaper to build a wood-frame building.

However, there are more factors at play throughout the life cycle of buildings that make steel buildings much less expensive than wood after construction.

1. The steel has a high recovery rate and can be reused;

2. Steel structures can withstand more wear and tear than wooden structures, thus reducing costs over the life of the building. Timber structures wear out significantly over time and require ongoing maintenance to replace rotted, weathered and damaged parts.

3. Compared with the damage suffered by wooden structures due to extreme weather, steel structures are less affected by extreme weather and have a long service life.

Steel structure buildings are highly resistant to fire and natural disasters, and are less affected by the construction site and environment. Much of the construction of the steel structure takes place in a controlled factory environment, with only a small portion of the work being done on the job site. For example, in rainy and snowy weather, the wooden structure cannot be constructed, and the wooden structure has little resistance to natural disasters such as fire;

Therefore, if you plan to use your project for a long time, rather than a temporary building, it is recommended that you choose a steel structure building.

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