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3 sets of square tube chicken house---Philippines

  • 2022-10-14

Steel structure chicken house

Dimensions: 16.3m x 144m x 2.15m x 3 sets

The customer, Mr. Wu, is a middleman, and his company makes small equipment. This chicken coop project was procured for his end customer. His client purchased a chicken coop from Vietnam before, but the price was relatively high, so this time he hoped that the price would be cheaper.

For the customer's price demand, we have done the following processing:

Pay attention to the price of steel at all times, update the quotation to the customer in time and inform the customer to place an order for payment when the price of the material drops;

When the price of steel is not reduced, we will improve the design of the project under the condition of ensuring the quality of the project, and give some benefits to the customer so that we can continue to cooperate in the future.

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